Description "Comes from a distant land of the East. Loves to learn about cultures."
Birthday Summer 15
Favorite Gifts Golden Hairpin
Liked Gifts Fish
Disliked Gifts Vegetables
Constellation Hairpin
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Uzuki is a shrine maiden from far off country. She came to Trampoli in search of her elder brother. Your first encounter with her is at Sunshine Inn where Raguna will collide with her upon entering. She is accompanied by Tsubute at all times.


I request your aid!

Date: Spring 11

Enter Sunshine Inn to trigger an animated cutscene. Once Uzuki runs off, exit the Inn. To find her, enter the bathhouse at 8pm on Spring 12 to speak to Uzuki.


Prerequisite: 2 LP

Talk to her at her room in the inn a few times and she will get in an arguement with Tsubute and he will run off. For the next few days she will not accept any item you give her, so if you're in the middle of preparation for the final boss you'll have to wait until she meets Tsubute again.


Date: A few days after Argument

Talk to Uzuki every day until she starts saying Tsubute. Then start up the trail, next to Ganesha's, that leads behind the inn for a scene.

A Letter from brother (1st part)

Prerequisite:6 LP

Talk to either Kanno or Eunice or just go to the Observatory area in the mountains during a clear weekday between 6PM and Midnight to see a scene with Uzuki.

A Letter from brother (2nd part)

Prerequisite:8 LP

Examine the locked door on Level 4 of the Lava Ruins, Uzuki has the key (talk to her when she's in her room). Return to the locked room and get the item left in there for her and give it to her. A book in the Rune Archives has the information you are looking for. Collect the items every clear weekday morning in the Public Square (it could be hard to see it in winter, just try to look for the sparkles then press the A button and the stardust will popup) until you have 6. Return the next day to find a different item for Uzuki. Return to her will all 7 items to complete the event. After completing this event she is avaible to marry.


Normal Schedule
6am - 12pm Business District
12pm - 8pm Sunshine Inn
8pm - 9pm Laga Springs
9pm - 6am Sunshine Inn
6am - 12pm Business District
12pm - 3pm Public Square
3pm - 8pm Sunshine Inn
8pm - 9pm Laga Springs
9pm - 6am Sunshine Inn
6am - 12pm Business District
12pm - 6pm Lake Poli
6pm - 8pm Sunshine Inn
8pm - 9pm Laga Springs
9pm - 6am Sunshine Inn
6am - 12pm Business District
12pm - 6pm Beach
6pm - 8pm Sunshine Inn
8pm - 9pm Laga Springs
9pm - 6am Sunshine Inn
6am - 6am Sunshine Inn


  • During Summer she can be found at the Beach from 12pm to 6pm on Monday and Friday.

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