So I've been playing this game for years, but I'm still stuck at the same place. Right now here's what I've got

  • I'm having difficulty trying to make a pumpkin tart for Annett. I have the largest kitchen, all the upgraded materials, yet it won't allow me to make a tart. My cooking skill is 75 and Annet's 10 FP and 9 LP with me 
  • What am I doing wrong? 
  • Also how can I get her back on her feet? She's in the midst of taking a break, but nothing I do helps. 
  • H
    Photo (1)
    ow can I get the bouquet of wedding flowers? What should I do? 
  • Who is the easiest maiden to marry?
  • I also cannot seem to grow any stronger in my fighting skills no matter what. What can I do? I always faint and am at level 20
  • Lastly, my runeys keep dying out even though I keep growing more crops and spread them. What can I do to help re-establish them and re-plenty them? 

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