• Tardistimelorddoctor

    Marriage help?

    February 1, 2014 by Tardistimelorddoctor

    I'm at level 10 FP & LP with Anette. I've completed all her scenes, Stella gave me the recipie book, Ganesha gave me the roses, my Roses are now blue, my skill level is 40 in crafting and 20 in lab. I have a toy herb, green grass and moondrop flower (but the recipe thingy isn't letting me make it. It's not even regestering with the other flowers.) What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to get the boquet and marry Anette?

    I know I need the pink cat flower 

    But is there a bigger forgery I need? Is there another book I need? 

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  • Tardistimelorddoctor

    So I've been playing this game for years, but I'm still stuck at the same place. Right now here's what I've got

    • I'm having difficulty trying to make a pumpkin tart for Annett. I have the largest kitchen, all the upgraded materials, yet it won't allow me to make a tart. My cooking skill is 75 and Annet's 10 FP and 9 LP with me 
    • What am I doing wrong? 
    • Also how can I get her back on her feet? She's in the midst of taking a break, but nothing I do helps. 
    • How can I get the bouquet of wedding flowers? What should I do? 
    • Who is the easiest maiden to marry?
    • I also cannot seem to grow any stronger in my fighting skills no matter what. What can I do? I always faint and am at level 20
    • Lastly, my runeys keep dying out even though I keep growing more crops …
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