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    Despite having many different items in the game, the formula on how they gain bonuses is actually pretty simple. This, however, doesn't apply to reduced RP usage for equipments.

    • Depending on which category the item belongs to, which bonuses it gains will differ.
      • Tools, Weapons and Magic Wands: None.
      • Armor: DEF
      • Food: RP Gain and FX Time
      • Crops and Flowers: RP Gain
      • Potions: HP Gain
      • All items: Price
        • The Price and FX Time for all items work in the same formula.
    • Compare two items of the same type, but with different successive levels. Level 1 and 2 items works best due to easy access.
    • Calculate the difference in its corresponding stats. The differences are the "Bonus Constants" for that item.

      • Example 1: Crops
    Level 1 Turnip - HP Gain 0, RP Gain 0, FX Time 0, P…

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    Removed the redirect to Getting Started from the page, as well as starting the page new.

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