Description "The very person that made Trampoli what it is today. Considered the town's mother."
Birthday Summer 27
Favorite Gifts Four Leaf Clover
Liked Gifts Toy Herb
Disliked Gifts Warrior Medal
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Stella is considered the mother of Trampoli. She lives in the Church, and is usually at the Snowstyle Tavern at night.


Delivery Run

Spring 2
After the introduction, Stella will ask Raguna to return to her for a favor. Speak with her and she will give him a bamboo shoot to give to Turner at the inn.

Are your fields pretty?

Spring 2
Gift her 2 items (colored grass/ bamboo shoots/ medicinal herb). You will get the cheap axe.

The Mysterious Girl

A mysterious girl that looks very much like Stella shows up outside Mist's place.(after 9am)Speak with her and then speak to Stella afterward. This happens many times at different friendship levels. (She will give you a four leaf clover when Stella has 4fp)

Missing Scriptures

Talk to Stella and she will ask you to get her scriptures back from Selphy. If the archives are messy then Selphy will not know where they are; wait until she cleans the archives (when she has ~5-7LP) and she will tell you that she left them at the bathhouse. Talk to Melody preferably when she's cleaning the women's bath, you can talk through the curtain. Return on a rainy holiday (wish for a rainy week from Candy) and talk to Melody again. Then retrieve the scriptures from the woman's side of the bathhouse.

Old Acquaintances

Talk to Stella to learn that she is leaving town for awhile. This happens after talking to the Mysterious Girl a certain number of times.

Wedding Bouquet

Any maiden 10LP
Talk to Stella and she will give you the recipe book Happiness 101 which contains the recipe for the wedding bouquet.


Weekdays (Sunny/Raining)
St. Poli Church 6am - 8pm
Laga Springs 8pm - 9pm
Snowstyle Tavern 9pm - 3am
St. Poli Church 3am - 6am
St. Poli Church 6am - 9am
Lake Poli 9am - 6pm
St. Poli Church 6pm - 9pm
Snowstyle Tavern 9pm - 3am
St. Poli Church 3am - 6am
Holiday (Raining)
St. Poli Church 6am - 9pm
Snowstyle Tavern 9pm - 3am
St. Poli Church 3am - 6am


  • If Laga Springs has not opened yet, she stays in St. Poli Church

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