Description "Tavern master. Rumored to be the biggest drinker in town."
Birthday Winter 22
Favorite Gifts Wine
Liked Gifts Accessories, Cheap Band, Root
Disliked Gifts Fish
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Rita is Eunice's mother and Turner's wife. She is also the Barmistress of Snowstyle Tavern which is adjoined to Sunshine Inn in the Business District of Trampoli. The earliest time to meet Rita is on Spring 2 after 6pm when Snowstyle is open.


Kitchen help

Prerequisite: A little FP. Buying something helps, as does initiating several conversations.

Speak frequently with Rita to receive some FP and a book with basic recipes for the beginning cook.

Free drink

Prerequisite: The same evening after buying a home extension from Kross - or any time after asking a girl out on a date.

Speak with Rita in the Snowstyle bar to receive a drink. Could be Milk, Berry Milk, tomatoe juice, Yogurt Drink, or Mixed Ole (4180G!!).

2nd Kid!

Date: A month after wife's pregnancy

Talk to Rita or Turner to get some exciting news!


Normal Schedule
Monday-Friday and Rainy Days
6am - 6pm Sunshine Inn
6pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Sunshine Inn
6am - 3pm Sunshine Inn
3pm - 4pm Laga Springs
4pm - 6pm St. Poli Church
6pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Sunshine Inn


  • Before Laga Springs opens, Rita spends the time at St. Poli Church.
  • During Festival days, Rita can be found at the Public Square from 9am-6pm.

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