Prosperity is the state of having more than 35 runeys of each type in a given district. For every two areas in prosperity, one additional day of growth occurs each night. This is rather like using formula A on all your crops every day, or if you have say six areas in prosperity then it is more like formula C. However, crops (with the exeption of a few) must spend at least one day in each of the four growth stages. The four growth stages are:

  • Seeds - seeds on the ground formula A
  • Sprouting - small sprouts are visible
  • Growing - larger plants
  • Flowering - even larger plants, often with flowers (hence the name).

There is one more stage, Fruiting, but crops do not spend any time in that stage before they are ready to harvest (with the exception of the blue rose), indeed that is the stage in which you harvest them, so is not considered a growth stage.

Prosperity Bonus

  • 1 Flourishing Area = Crop takes 1 less day to get to the next growth stage
  • 2-4 Flourishing Areas = Crop takes 2 fewer days to get to next stage
  • 5-7 Flourishing Areas = Crop takes 3 fewer days to get to next stage
  • 8 Flourishing Areas = Crop takes 4 fewer days to get to next stage
  • 9 Flourishing Areas = same as 8

Growth rates of crops after getting 8 areas into prosperity


Turnips: 4 days

Potatoes: 4 days

Cabbage: 5 days

Strawberry: 4 days, Regrow: 1 day

Cucumber: 5 days, Regrow: 2 days

Gold Turnip: 4 days

Moondrop: 4 days

Toyherbs: 5 days


Onion: 4 days

Pumpkin: 4 days

Tomato: 4 days, Regrow: 1 day

Corn: 4 days, Regrow: 1 day

Pineapple: 6 days, Regrow: 3 days

Pink Cat: 4 days


Spinach: 4 days

Carrot: 4 days

Yam: 4 days, Regrow: 1 day

Egg Plant: 4 days, Regrow: 1 day

Bell Pepper: 4 days, Regrow: 1 day

Charm Blue: 4 days

Growing long-termed flowers with 8 prosperity areas and Formula C

If you have 8 areas in prosperity and sprinkle Formula C on the flower seeds every single day until they're fully grown, their growth time can be cut down considerably (an Emery Flower is harvestable in 29 days instead of 120). Using Formula C is costly, however.


Emery Flowers: 29 days  Blue Crystal: 24 days Lamp Grass: 20 days Cherry Grass: 13 days


Green Crystal: 24 days Fireflowers: 20 days 4 Leaf Clover: 13 days Iron Leaf: 9 days


Red Crystal: 24 days Pom-pom Grass: 20 days Autumn Grass: 13 days Noel Grass: 9 days

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