Description "The old man of the Clock Tower. Very knowledgeable but only when he wants to."
Japanese Name カンロ (Kanro)
Birthday Fall 8
Family Candy, Cinnamon (Granddaughters)
Residence Clock Tower
Favorite Gifts Magic Powder
Liked Gifts Mont Blanc, Cake, Cheesecake, Choco Cake
Disliked Gifts Junk Ore
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Kanno lives in the Clock Tower with his granddaughters Cinnamon and Candy. He is retired now, but when he was working, he was employed at the Royal Academy of the Magic Capital. He's a very studious man, but a terrible cook according to Candy.


Clock Tower's new Tenant

Date: Spring 7
Enter the Clock Tower after 9am on Spring 7 to speak with Kanno.

Girls from the sky

Date: Spring 9
Speak with Kanno on Spring 7 and repeat until the 9th to trigger his granddaughters' arrival.

Item Request

When you talk to him in the Clock Tower, sometimes Kanno will request that Raguna bring him something. After you bring him the second cheap cloth there will be a long break before he asks for anything else. The following table shows the items that he asks for and the rewards.

Item Request
ItemRewardWhere to ObtainRequired level
Cheap Cloth Fire Rod Whale Island (Orc, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Little Mage, Faust, High Orc, Necro, Fairy, Hades)
Green Ruins (Little Mage)
Lava Ruins (Ghost)
Sharp Talon Whale Island (Blood Panther, Scorpion, Silver Wolf, Hunter Wolf, Black Bird, Mini Dragon)
Green Ruins (Chitter, Clucky, Chicken Griffin[Boss])
Lava Ruins (Duck, Furpy, Scorpion, Weagle)
Snow Ruins (Hunter Wolf, Micro Dragon, Mini Dragon, Shadow Panther)
Hard Horn Whale Island (Little Emperor, Little Mage, Wooly, Buffamoo, Beetle, Cone, Gigantes Little Wizard, Minotaur King, Unico, Buffazoo)
Green Ruins (Little Mage, Wooly, Buffamoo)
Lava Ruins (Hammer Troll, Little Emperor, Fluffy, Minotaur, Buffaloo)
Snow Ruins (Arch Demon, Daemon, Little Wizard, Minotaur King, Unico, Buffazoo)
Emerald Whale Island (Gobble Box, Electric Jelly Fish[Boss])
Green Ruins (Chicken Griffin[Boss])
Lava Ruins (Monster Box)
Snow Ruins (Gobble Box, Ice Snake[Boss])
Beating Brodik[Boss]
Thick Stick Hell Branch Whale Island (Faust, Necro, Little Emperor, Little Wizard, Minotaur King, High Orc)
Lava Ruins (Minotaur, Ghost, Little Emperor)
Snow Ruins (Little Wizard, Minotaur King)
Cheap Cloth (read above listings)
Magic Crystal Lava Ruins (Ignis)
Snow Ruins (Glace, Soul)
Warrior Medal Crimson Stick Whale Island (Goblin, Orc, Hobgoblin, Minotaur King, High Orc, Gigantes)
Lava Ruins (Hammer Troll, Minotaur)
Snow Ruins (Minotaur King)


Normal Schedule
6am - 12pm Clock Tower
12pm - 3pm Church District
3pm - 6am Clock Tower
6am - 9pm Clock Tower
9pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Clock Tower
6am - 12pm Clock Tower
12pm - 7pm Mountain Road
7pm - 6am Clock Tower
6am - 12pm Clock Tower
12pm - 7pm Rune Archives
7pm - 6am Clock Tower
6am - 6am Clock Tower
6am - 12pm Clock Tower
12pm - 6pm Mountain Road
6pm - 7pm Laga Springs
7pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Clock Tower


  • Before Laga Springs opens, Kanno spends the time at Snowstyle Tavern.
  • During Festival days, Kanno can be found on Mountain Road from 9am-6pm.

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