Item Name Base Price Recipes Used In Found Where
Wild Items
Weeds 10g N/A Everywhere
Bamboo Shoot 110g Bamboo Rice, En Papillote, Formula C, Average Pole Everywhere
Red Grass 10g Cold Medicine, Grass Juice, Tea Leaves All dungeons except the Lava Ruins
Orange Grass 10g Neutralizer, Grass Juice, Tea Leaves All dungeons except the Lava Ruins
Yellow Grass 10g Neutralizer, Grass Juice, Tea Leaves All dungeons except the Lava Ruins
Green Grass 10g Paragone, Grass Juice, Tea Leaves, Cream Soda All dungeons except the Green Ruins
Blue Grass 10g Formula B, Paragone, Grass Juice, Tea Leaves All dungeons except the Green Ruins
Purple Grass 10g Paragone, Formula B, Grass Juice, Tea Leaves All dungeons except the Green Ruins
Black Grass 10g Formula C, Dex. Bottle, Vit. Gummy, Int. Vitamins, Protein Your field after a storm or during winter, some of the crates in the Whale Island Towers, and (very rarely) as a trophy from the Slimes.
White Grass 10g Energy Drink X, Formula C, Royal Curry Crates on Level 3 of the Green Ruins, Snow Ruins, Whale Island Towers, your field after a storm or during winter.
Medicinal Herb 10g Antidote Herb Everywhere
Withered Grass 10g N/A Everywhere
Mushroom 120g Mushroom Rice, Egg Custard, Oden, Pizza, Fungo Risoto, Sweet Rice, Carbonara, Gratin de Sol, Formula C Everywhere
Turnip 210g Pickled Turnip, Turnip Roast, Steam Turnip Green Ruins, Grown
Strawberry 100g Berry Jam, Berry Milk, Cake, Fruit Punch, Fruit Tart, Fruit Parfait, Grown
Cucumber 340g Pickles, Potato Salad, Salad, Vegetable Juice, Sandwich Green Ruins, Grown
Cabbage 600g Dumpling, Salad, Gyoza, Boiled Gyoza, Steamed Gyoza, Boxty, Vegetable Juice, Veg. Stir Fry Green Ruins, Grown
Potato 400g French Fries, Potato Salad, Curry Rice, Croquette, Potato Roast, Stew, Oden, Pizza, Potato Gratin Green Ruins, Grown
Fodder 150g N/A Lava Ruins, Grown
Tomato 210g Tomato Juice, Ketchup, Fruit Juice, Salad, Risotto, Fruit Ole, Sandwich, Ratatouille Lava Ruins (U6), Grown
Corn 150g Ear of Corn, Popcorn, Corn Flakes, Corn Soup, Ramen Grown
Pumpkin 750g Steamed Pumpkin, Pumpkin Tart, Pumpkin Cream, Vegetable Juice Grown
Pineapple 400g Tropic Punch, Fruit Juice, Fruit Sub, Fruit Punch, Fruit Ole, Fruit Parfait Grown
Onion 450g Dumpling, Ketchup, Curry Rice, Doria, Croquette, Stew, Gyoza, Gratin, Risotto, Boiled Gyoza, Steamed Gyoza, Potato Gratin, Fungo Risotto, Seafood Doria, Gratin de Mer, Dried Squid, Spinach Rice, Ratatouille, Gratin de Sol, Great Curry, Royal Curry Grown
Bell Pepper 200g Pizza, Vegetable Juice, Veg. Stir Fry, Dried Squid, Ratatouille Grown
Carrot 540g Chinese Bun, Curry Rice, Stew, Salad, Oden, Vegetable Juice, Sandwich, Dried Squid Grown
Yam 140g Steamed Tater, Roasted Yam, Candied Yam, Sugar Yam, Mashed Yam Grown
Spinach 270g Steam Veggies, Spinach Saute, Egg Custard, Vegetable Juice, Spinach Rice Grown
Eggplant 280g Eggplant Grill, Pickled Eggplant, Ratatouille Grown
Moondrop 217g Grown
Toy Herb 900g Grown
Emery Flower Grown
Cherry Grass 6500g Grown
Lamp Grass 11000g Turnip Lamp, Pumpkin Lamp Grown
Blue Crystal Grown
Pink Cat 520g Grown
Green Crystal Grown
Fireflower Grown
Ironleaf 3500g Grown
Four-Leaf Clover 6500 Grown
Charm Blue 710g Grown
Red Crystal Grown
Pom-pom Grown
Noel Grass Grown
Turnip Seed 5g N/A Danny, Erik, Spring (Monster), Summer (Monster), Autumn (Monster)
Strawberry Seed 100g N/A Erik, Spring (Monster)
Cucumber Seed 340g N/A Erik
Cabbage Seed 510g Erik, Spring (Monster)
Potato Seed 300g Erik
Fodder Seed 15g Erik
Tomato Seed 210g Erik, Summer (Monster)
Corn Seed 150g Erik, Summer (Monster)
Pumpkin Seed 562g Erik
Pineapple Seed 400g Erik
Onion Seed 330g Erik
Bell Pepper Seed 200g Erik
Spinach Seed 195g Erik
Yam Seed 140g Erik
Eggplant Seed 280g Erik
Carrot Seed 405g Erik
Moondrop Seed 230g Rosetta, Spring (Monster)
Toy Herb Seed 950g Rosetta, Spring (Monster)
Emery Flower Seed Rosetta
Cherry Grass Seed Rosetta
Blue Crystal Seed Rosetta
Pink Cat Seed 550g Rosetta, Summer (Monster)
Green Crystal Seed Rosetta
Fireflower Seed Rosetta
Ironleaf Seed Rosetta
Clover Seed Rosetta
Charm Blue Seed Rosetta
Red Crystal Seed Rosetta
Pom-pom Seed
Noel Grass Seed Rosetta
Cornucopia Trees
Cherry 150g Cherry Juice, Cherry Jam, Cherry Tart, Cream Soda, Fruit Punch, Fruit Parfait, Cherry Pie Lake Poli, Mountain Road, Erik, Rita, Quiz Contest
Orange 150g Orange Juice, Orange Jam, New Mochi, Fruit Juice, Fruit Sub, Fruit Punch, Fruit Ole, Fruit Tart, Fruit Parfait Lake Poli, Mountain Road, Rita, Quiz Contest
Chestnut 150g Chestnut Rice, Roasted Nuts, Mashed Yam, Marron Glace, Sweet Rice, Chestnut Bun, Chestnut Pie, Mont Blanc, Lake Poli, Mountain Road, Rita, Quiz Contest
Apple 150g Apple Juice, Apple Jam, Roasted Apple, Fruit Juice, Fruit Sub, Apple Pie, Fruit Punch, Fruit Ole, Fruit Tart, Fruit Parfait, Great Curry Lake Poli, Mountain Road, Erik, Rita, Quiz Contest
Food - Other
Rice 130g Rice Ball, Chestnut Rice, Porridge, Egg Bowl, Bamboo Rice, Mochi, Mushroom Rice, S. Rice Ball, Curry Rice, Doria, Risotto, Fried Rice, Fungo Risotto, Seafood Doria, Sweet Rice, Oatmeal, Tempura Bowl, Dried Squid, Spinach Rice, Ham Omelet, Sushi All Dungeons, Rita
Flour 130g Steamed Bread, Bread, Cookie, Udon, Pancakes, Chinese Bun, Butter Roll, Dumpling, Cheesy Bread, Doria Croquette, Cake, Peperoncino, Fried Smelt, Cherry Tart, Stew, Rame, Gyoza, Gratin, Boiled Gyoza, Steamed Gyoza, Cheesecake, Pumpkin Tart, Boxty, Fried Pike, Apple Pie, Pizza, Choco Cake, Calamari, Potato Gratin, Donut, Seafood Doria, Fried Shrimp, Tempura, Fruit Tart, Cherry Pie, Chestnut Bun, Gratin de Mer, Chestnut Pie, Carbonara, Curry Bun, Mont Blanc, Seafood Pizza, Gratin de Sol All Dungeons, Rita
Cooking Oil 130g Sunny Side Up, Steamed Bread, French Toast, French Fries, Pancakes, Mayonnaise, Udon Stir-Fry, Cheesy Bread, Croquette, Peperoncino, Fried Smelt, Ramen, Gyoza, Risotto, Boiled Gyoza, Fried Rice, Steamed Gyoza, Boxty, Fried Pike, Calamari, Veggie Omelet, Fungo Risotto, Donut, Fried Shrimp, Tempura, Veg. Stir Fry, Spinach Rice, Ham Omelet Lava Ruins, Rita
Garlic 130g Peperoncino, Gyoza, Risotto, Boiled Gyoza, Steamed Gyoza, Fungo Risotto, Spinach Rice, Ratatouille Lava Ruins, Rita
Wine 1000g Great Curry, Royal Curry Rita
Curry Powder 130g Curry Rice, Curry Udon, Dried Squid, Curry Bun, Great Curry, Royal Curry Lava Ruins, Rita
Egg 100g Sunny-Side Up, Boiled Egg, French Toast, Egg Bowl, Pancakes, Mayonnaise, Ice Cream, Butter Roll, Dumpling, Egg Custard, Croquette, Cake, Cherry Tart, Milk Pudding, Ramen, Sugar Yam, Fried Rice, Cheescake, Oden, Pumpkin Tart, Boxty, Choco Cake, Veggie Omelet, Pumpkin Cream, Donut, Tempura, Fruit Tart, Chestnut Bun, Carbonara, Ham Omelet, Mont Blanc, Choco Pudding Green Ruins, Rita, Clucky, Duck, Peck
Milk 60g Hot Milk, Butter, Corn Flake, Pudding Egg, Cookie, Pancakes, Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate, Berry Milk, Butter Roll, Corn Soup, Yogurt Drink, Doria, Cake, Stew, Milk Pudding, Gratin, Sugar Yam, Fruit Ole, Choco Cake, Veggie Omelet, Pumpkin Cream, Potato Gratin, Donut Seafood Doria, Vegetable Ole, Oatmeal, Gratin de Mer, Ham Omelet, Mixed Ole, Mont Blanc, Gratin de Sol, Choco Pudding Rita, Buffamoo, Buffazoo
Yogurt 120g Yogurt Drink, Royal Curry Rita, Yogurt Maker
Cheese 110g Cheesy Bread, Gratin, Cheesecake, Cheese Fondue, Pizza, Potato Gratin, Gratin de Mer, Carbonara, Seafood Pizza, Gratin de Sol Rita, Cheese Maker
Honey 110g Honey Toast, Yogurt Drink, Candied Yam, Sugar Yam, Great Curry Rita, Hornet, Hornet Queen
Dried Fish Erik
Fish lvl 1 price
Red Salmon 15g Cherry Sashimi Fishing
Chub 30g Fishing
Dye Trout Fishing
Carp Fishing
Pale Carp 80g Fishing
Squid Fishing
Black Fish 60g Fishing
Needle 35g Fishing
Turbot Fishing
Taimen Fishing
Snapper Fishing
Lover Snapper 500g Fishing (Green Ruins)
Shrimp 100g Fishing
Char Fishing
Bonito Fish 150g Fishing
Sunsquid Fishing
Blowfish Fishing
Antidote Herb 70g Everywhere
Energy Drink 130g Everywhere
Energy Drink S 280g Snow Ruins, Whale Island, Lab, Lara
Energy Drink X 310g Snow Ruins, Lab
Para-gone 40g Everywhere
Neutralizer 40g Lab, Lara
Formula A 40g Lab, Lara
Formula B 130g Lab, Lara
Formula C 480g Lab, Lara
Greenifier 1840g Lara, Lab
Int Vitamins 1000g Lab
Scrap Iron 10g Everywhere
Iron 40g Green Ruins, Whale Island
Copper 60g Green Ruins, Lava Ruins, Whale Island
Silver 90g Lava Ruins
Gold 135g Lava Ruins, Whale Island, Snow Ruins
Platinum Snow Ruins, Whale Island (Floating Chamber)
Sapphire 200g Green Ruins (Boss)
Emerald 200g Green Ruins (Boss)
Ruby 200g Lava Ruins (Boss), Whale Island (Chests)
Amethyst 200g
Diamond 300g
Aquamarine 200g Whale Island (Chests)
Magic Crystal Lava Ruins, Snow Ruins
Little Crystal Whale Island
Fire Crystal 500g Ganesha, Slimes, Chests
Water Crystal 500g Ganesha, Slimes, Chests
Wind Crystal 500g Green Ruins (Boss), Ganesha, Chests
Earth Crystal 500g Ganesha, Slimes, Little Emperor, Chests
All Other
Monster Hide 40g All Dungeons
Insect Hide 40g All Dungeons
Insect Jaw 50g All Dungeons
Sharp Fang 50g All Dungeons
Bird Feather Green Ruins, Lava Ruins
Sharp Talon 40g
Magic Powder Green Ruins, Lava Ruins, Snow Ruins
Fairy Dust Whale Island (Drain, Tail)
Root 50g
Knife Piece 40g Whale Island, Lava Ruins
Warrior Medal 50g Whale Island, Lava Ruins
Cheap Cloth 40g Whale Island, Lava Ruins
Fair Hide Snow Ruins
Quality Fur 150g Snow Ruins
Quality Cloth 80g Lava Ruins
Hard Horn All Dungeons
Magic Talon Snow Ruins
Solid Point Whale Island
Toxin 50g All Dungeons
Demon Blood Snow Ruins
Glittering Edge 80g Lava Ruins, Whale Island
Wool 90g Erik
Thin Stick 40g Whale Island, Lava Ruins
Thick Stick 80g Lava Ruins
Red Core Lava Ruins (Boss)
Giant Cockscomb Green Ruins (Boss)
Ice Snake Tongue Snow Ruins (Boss)
Bright Tentacle Whale Island (Boss)
Cheap Band 100g Danny, Crafting
Pendant 110g Danny, Crafting
Earring 110g Rosetta, Crafting
Wappen 100g Rosetta, Crafting
Pumpkin Mask 810g Rosetta, Crafting
Broadsword 100g Iron, Knife Piece Ganesha, Forge
Scimitar 180g Broadsword, Copper Ganesha, Forge
Windsword 620g Broadsword, Wind Crystal Forge
Aquasword 620g Broadsword, Water Crystal Forge
Gladius 270g Broadsword, Silver, Iron Forge
Defender Forge


Icifier Forge
Souleater Forge
Dragon Slayer Forge
Rune Blade Forge
Two-handed Sword 160g Ganesha, Forge
Great Sword 240g Forge
Earth Shade 690g Forge
Flame Sabre 690g Forge
Katana 160g Ganesha, Forge


690g Forge
Dancing Dicer 290g Forge
Eye Blade 690g Forge
Spear 100g Ganesha, Forge
Pitch Fork 160g Ganesha, Forge
Lance 180g Forge
Poison Spear 240g Forge
Gungnir Forge
Battle Hammer 100g Ganesha, Forge
War Hammer 180g Forge
Schnabel 240g Forge
Ice Hammer 620g Forge
Battle Axe 100g Ganesha, Forge
Great Axe 180g Forge