Description "The owner of Damascus Forge. A rare but skilled elven smithy, with many fans."
Birthday Winter 8
Favorite Gifts Demon Blood
Liked Gifts Any ore
Disliked Gifts Wool
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Ganesha is an elven blacksmith living in Trampoli with her son Marco. You first meet Ganesha on Spring 2 during the introduction quest that is first given by Stella; until then, Damascus Forge will be closed until the quest is received.


Open: 9AM
Closed: 6PM

Damascus Forge
Broardsword 500G
Two-handed Sword 800G
Spear 500G
Battle Hammer 500G
Battle Axe 500G
Crystal (level 1) 2500G
Crystal (level 3)


Crystal (level 5) 4500G


Farm Companion I

Speak frequently with Ganesha to receive some FP and a book with basic recipes for the beginning blacksmith (for the upgrade to iron farming tools). If you give her a Scrap Iron, she will immediately give you the book.

White Rose

Prerequisite: After getting the Wedding Bouquet recipe
Talk to Ganesha and she will give you a white rose.

Collapse (8 FP)

Pay a visit to the forge before opening time several days in a row. If you get the Macro event "I'm Outta Here" often enough Ganesha will collapse after talking to you. Lara will give you some medicine to give to her. If you try giving it to her Raguna will advise to give it to Marco. You will find Marco in the Clocktower with Candy. Do not give the medicine to him right away (It will count as a gift). Return to the Forge after 9 AM to find Marco and Candy upstairs at Ganeshas bed. Now give him the medicine. Return to the forge the next day for another cutscene.
As a reward for the medicine you will get 9 pieces of lvl 10 Iron from Ganesha.


Prerequisite: Every mail requests successfully completed.
Tyrfing is Ganesha masterwork weapon and is gifted to Raguna once prerequisite has been fulfilled.


Normal Schedule
6am - 7pm Damascus Forge
7pm - 8pm Laga Springs
8pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Damascus Forge
Monday-Friday (Raining)
6am - 6pm Damascus Forge
6pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Damascus Forge


  • Ganesha is not in town during Holidays.
  • Before Laga Springs opens, Ganesha spends the time at Damascus Forge instead.
  • During Festival days, Ganesha can be found in the Business District from 9am-6pm.
  • She will, whenever you give her a metal, say, "I was just out of this! I love considerate men. Just kidding."
  • Oddly, scrap iron and platinum raise her FP the same amount.

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