� In the game there are four different dungeons for you to explore: Whale, Green, Lava, and Snow. Click on the Image Map below to continue.

The ruins can be accessed in the following locations:

  • Green Ruins: In front of Mist's house after you've cleared her yard of weeds (after obtaining the sickle, gift her 3 items [anything but weeds] and talk to her until she makes the request).
  • Whale Island: In front of the Silent Clock Tower after watering the strange sprout
  • Lava Ruins: Along the mountain road after you've inserted a tree rune into the tree found growing underneath the collapsed ruins (the hole for the rune can only be found after defeating Giant Clucky of Green Ruins)
  • and Snow Ruins: Accessed after clearing Lava ruins and inserting the slab of rock you recieve from the boss into the monument/pillar located by the Rune Archives. Hope that clears up the question of whoever posted here instead of asking in the forums. =)

Whale IslandSnow RuinsGreen RuinsLava RuinsSnow RuinsDungeons
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