Day Event
1 Spring New Year's Festival (after 1st year): Celebrate the New Year.

Rice Cakes/Mochi are the present of choice. New Mochi is smashed with a Hammer on a special platform at the Square after 9.00 a.m. You can obtain a 'New Mochi' from Rita after 9.00 a.m. at the Public Square on 30 Winter. Smash it at the Square on 1 Spring to create 5 Mochi. Give these as New Year Gifts to individuals. (Responses and value in terms of LP/FP will vary by individual). You can bring your own New Mochi if you wish as well to make more Mochi or you can make the Mochi in your Kitchen using a Steamer.

2 Spring Kross' Birthday (Cat's Tail, Warrior's Medal, Egg, Boiled Egg, Sunny-side-up Egg)
8 Spring Nolan's Birthday (Wine, Strawberry)
11 Spring Melody's Birthday (Relax Tea, Wild Coloured Grasses)
17 Spring Brodik's Birthday (Apple Pie)
19 Spring Sainte-Coquille Festival: Hosted by Bianca. She orders, I cook.

Will occur only after Bianca and Tabatha become permanent residents of Trampoli. This is a festival sponsored by Bianca in which you must guess the name of displayed dishes correctly. The prize is 5 Dishes of one category of Cooked Dishes.

22 Spring Turner's Birthday (All Ores except Scrap Iron)
26 Spring Cinnamon's Birthday (Magic Crystal, any raw Fish)
27 Spring Candy's Birthday (All Fruit Juices, Apple Pie)
29 Spring Foliage Festival (after 1st year): Give flowers to those you're indebted to.

Inspired by Eunice distributing flowers. Give Flowers to Eligible Girls


Day Event
6 Summer Danny's Birthday (Silver, Quality Cloth)
8 Summer Bianca's Birthday (Jewelry such as Pendants, Rings). Note that Bianca is not impressed with specific items but will accept certain 'decent' Accessories. She will scorn knitted Accessories, however and will respond to the gift of a Fan in the same fashion.
13 Summer Lute's Birthday (Chocolate, Milk)
15 Summer Uzuki's Birthday (Golden Hairpin, any Sashimi or Fish)
23 Summer Erik's Birthday (Garlic, Dried Fish, Strawberry, Pineapple)
25 Summer Ganesha Cup Boat Race: May the best sailor in town win!

The Boat Race is held at Lake Poli. You can ask any girl at high heart level to accompany you. Steer your gondola over items in the water for various effects. Hearts result in an increase of speed if and only if an Eligible Girl is with you in the boat.

27 Summer Stella's Birthday (Four-Leaf Clover, Toy Herb)
30 Summer Pumpkin Festival: Everyone put on a pumpkin masque!

Started by some one saved by a pumpkin-headed monster. Mainly for entertainment; trigger an event and watch it play out with pumpkins on everyone's heads! You can buy a 'Pumpkin-Head' yourself from Rosetta in Summer to wear as headgear in combat. You may be able to forge your own Pumpkin Head once your Pumpkins mature. (You actually can give Headgear such as Pumpkins to Eligible Girls and they then will wear them but they will not change OUT of any Headgear until you give them a new item. Every one automatically wears a Pumpkin Head on the day of the Festival so there is no need to hand them out yourself…)


Day Event
1 Autumn Mist's Birthday (Emery Flower, Turnip, Roasted Apple, Four-Leaf Clover, Croquette, Gratin de Mer, Cake, Steamed Bread, Sweet Potato)
3 Autumn Selphy's Birthday (Sandwich, Rice Ball, Baked Rice Ball)
8 Autumn Kanno's Birthday (Magic Powder, Cake)
12 Autumn Tabatha's Birthday (Oatmeal, Apple, Porridge, Mixed Juice, Four-Leaf Clover, Mixed Ole)
13 Autumn Harvest Festival: A time of thanks.

Give veggies to people you're indebted to. Give Vegetables to Eligible Girls for boost in heart level.

17 Autumn Eunice's Birthday (Mont Blanc, Chocolate, Chestnut, Roasted Chestnut, Flowers, Any Cake) *Do not give any Sweets, including her favourite Mont Blanc, if she is trying to lose weight! (Only Flowers work)
21 Autumn Rosetta's Birthday (Roasted Yam, Strawberry, Hot Milk, Ear of Corn, Hot Chocolate, Veggie Stir-Fry, Veggie Omelet, Cherry Grass)
25 Autumn Coming of Age Day: There is an annual treasure hunt to commemorate the day.

Many 'false' items will be located throughout Trampoli. Continue to look for the real item even if another individual pronounces himself/herself the winner. In the first year, you may wish to keep the Golden Turnip yourself to convert it into Seeds instead of taking 1st Place.

30 Autumn Sea Surf Day: The day the Spirits prepare for hibernation.

If Whale Island eclipses the sun, bear it. Make Hot Milk and give it to every character in Trampoli to celebrate this Festival. After your victory in the Era of Disconnect, speak to the Whale to discover why the sky is dark on the last day of Autumn. When you inform Stella of the reason, she will announce a new Festival in honour of the Spirits who give their blessings to Trampoli.


Day Event



Lara's Birthday (Chocolate Cake, any Jam, French Toast, Donut, Strawberry, Hot Cake)



Anette's Birthday: (Pumpkin Tart, Boiled Egg, Steamed Tater, Curry Udon, Milk, Orange, Cherry, Apple, Strawberry, Choco Pudding, Cheesecake, Fried Ginbuna, P. Carp Roast, Chinese Bun)


Quiz Contest: Test your knowledge against others and come out on top!

There are ten questions, with a 'commercial break' in the middle of the Contest. It can be quite hilarious. There will be four contestants, including your character and each is represented by a different fruit. For each correct response, a piece of fruit will be placed on the ground. The winner ultimately will obtain all the fruit from each character's correct responses. (If you lose the Contest, you will obtain Intelligence Vitamins as a consolation prize. With a Skill Level Requirement of 90 and a shipping value of 1000G., losing the Contest is not a bad option!)



Ganesha's Birthday (Demon's Blood, Any Ore)


Minerva's Birthday (Flop, Chestnut)


Hotpot Convention: Everyone in town brings an ingredient for one giant hotpot!

Some ingredients will result in a 'good' hotpot but others in a 'bad' one. Most Fish will have a good result. Many vegetables, however, will result in a 'bad' hotpot, including Carrots and Yams. Try food items that are a villager's favorite gift, or one of their liked gifts (if their favorite gift is not a food).



Rita's Birthday (Wine, Accessories, Cheap Band, Root)


Iris' Birthday (both of them!) (Tomato Juice, Flowers)


Night of Holies: (aka Starry Night Festival in Harvest Moon)

This is the night designated for the formal Winter Date in Rune Factory Frontier. Meet the Eligible Girl at 9.00 p.m.



Marco's Birthday (Curry foods, Curry Powder)
30 Winter Year End Festival: Reflect on the past year and prepare for the next.

Go to the Public Square after 9.00 a.m. to speak to Rita. She will give you a 'New Mochi'. It is not actually used until the next day during the New Year's Festival so save it until then.