Description "A mysterious man who came to Trampoli only to harass Raguna. Why?"
Japanese Name ワーグナー (Wagner)
Birthday Spring 17th
Favorite Gifts Apple Pie
Liked Gifts N/A
Disliked Gifts Pendant, Pumpkin
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Brodik is a special agent of the Zzyzx Empire, sent in search of an AWOL soldier that has defected from the Empire. However, he has mistaken Raguna for his target and severely harasses and taunts him. Brodik comes off as abrasive and cruel, and takes any chance he can to taunt you, and frequently trashes your field. Despite his bad attitude, he seems to be rather homesick and shows disdain towards you (whom he believes to be the soldier he's looking for) for making him leave the Zzyzx Empire. His current mission isn't to his liking, and mentions he'd rather be in Kardia where a dragon was found, referring to the first game.

Brodik will leave after a certain event when you get Kross's FP up to 4, and will come back to challenge you once a year in the Green Ruins BF1.

  • If you give him anything you will receive 1 Gold (money, not ore) for it.


Ding Dong Ditch

Date: Night after meeting Brodik
When you try to go to bed there will be a knock at the door. Go outside and you will see Brodik running away. The next day he will deny it.


Prerequisite: After meeting Brodik
If you head over to the South District first thing you will find Anette delivering his mail. Listen in on a couple of mornings and he will get letters from Candy and Marco; thanking him for removing the rocks from their gardens. Talk to Rosetta after that and she will complain that your shipping bin was full of rocks. Talk to Brodik and he will claim to have noticed the rocks and accuse you of putting them there.


Prerequisite: After Rocks.
Brodik will get mail, from Candy and Marco, thanking him for cleaning the weeds out of their fields. A few days later (mid-Autumn year 1 at the earliest), as you go outside in the morning, you will find your field trashed as though it was hit by a storm. If talked to, Brodik will accuse you of being a lousy farmer.

Rock Pushing

Prerequisite: After Weeds and Kross 4FP
As you exit your house you will see a scene with Kross. If you talk to Brodik afterwards, he starts to ask how you managed to move the rock.


Prerequisite: After Rock Pushing. Mid-Spring year 2 at the earliest.
You will find your field trashed again. Talk to Brodik and he will disappear for a month.


Prerequisite: After Golem. Mid-Summer year 2 at the earliest.
Talk to Annette on her mail route and she will mention Brodik being depressed. The next day he will send you a mail. Be prepared for a boss battle. After that you'll learn the truth about the past of one the villagers.
Talk to Brodik again few days later for another boss battle.
After that Brodik will leave the village. He'll come back once a year for another challenge.


Normal Schedule
Monday / Wednesday / Thursday
6am - 12pm Brodrik's House
12pm - 6pm South District
6pm - 6am Brodrik's House
6am - 9am Brodrik's House
9am - 9pm Mountain Road
9pm - 6am Brodrik's House
6am - 9am Brodrik's House
9am - 6pm South District
6pm - 6am Brodrik's House
Rainy Weekday
6am - 9am Brodrik's House
9am - 12pm Homestead
12pm - 6pm South District
6pm - 6am Brodrik's House
6am - 6am Brodrik's House
Rainy Holiday
6am - 9am Brodrik's House
9am - 12pm Homestead
12pm - 6pm South District
6pm - 6am Brodrik's House

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