Farming Axes

Item Name Ingredients Forge Skill Atk/REQSKL/SA/RP FX Info Recipe Book
Cheap Axe None None 8/2/0/13 None An old axe. It's old so it can't cut through tree stumps. Not Available
Chopping Axe Cheap Axe, Iron 5 18/10/1/13 None Upgraded axe made for farm work. Can be used to cut through tree stumps. Farm Companion
Lumber Axe Chopping Axe, Silver, Thin stick, Sharp Talon 25 40/30/2/38 None Upgraded Axe made for farm work. The axe of choice for the serious lumberjack. Farm Companion
Mountain Axe 45 None Farm Master
65 Farm Master

Combat Axes (and their forge recipes)

Item Name Ingredients Forge Skill Atk/REQSKL/SA/RP FX Info Recipe Book
Battle Axe Iron, Sharp Talon 9 19/9/0/13 None. An axe made for batle. You can cleave through anything with this. Let's Make Weapons!
Great Axe Battle Axe, Copper 15 29/15/1/16 Paralysis Attack30% An upgraded battle axe. The blade is modified and its much heavier, too. Let's Make Weapons!
Heat Axe Battle Axe, Fire Crystal 21 46/21/1/25 Fire Attack+5, Fire Resistance+5 An axe with a flaming edge. It is also known as the feather of the phoenix, a symbol of rebirth. Let's Make Weapons!
Tomahawk Battle Axe, Bird Feather, Wind Crystal ~OR ~

Battle Axe, Giant Cockscomb

27 63/27/1/34 Wind Attack+5, Wind Resistance+5 A dual-edged axe that is easy to use. The decorations on its sides ruffle with the power of the wind. Let's Make Weapons!
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